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JouleBox Solar Hybrid Generator

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ECO-GEN Energy Joulebox

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The ECO-GEN Energy JouleBox Hybrid Generator is innovative, highly differentiable, and has the potential to become one of the most innovative technologies the renewable energy industry has ever seen.

The JouleBox is a commercial / industrial / utility scale solution, summarized as follows:

Technology Attributes:

– green! (zero carbon footprint from operation)

low cost (half the capital cost of solar)

compact (small form factor / uses 1% the space of solar)

powerful (a unit produces 60 kW of baseload power)

runs constantly (operates 24x7x365 / 525,600 kWh/yr)

scalable (units combine up to 50 MW per location)

fuel (magnetic force)

Other Details:

– alpha prototype testing validates technology (2015)

– prototype testing results available with signed Non-Disclosure Agreements

– full product launch expected shortly (Sept.- Oct. 2016)

In the a commercial / industrial / utility scale renewable energy marketplace, many needs are left unmet by existing technologies, due to space considerations and the ability to produce enough power where it is needed… on-site. The JouleBox will be a quantum leap in the direction of meeting many of these unmet needs.

If you are ready to discuss a revolutionary new technology that will change the way you think about energy, call us at 847-378-8067 and let’s discuss what role the JouleBox can play in your plans. Or CLICK HERE to fill out our contact form.

Read more about the JouleBox here: JouleBox-ProductDataSheet-2page-Advanced 9-1-16

Additional detailed technical specifications can be sent upon completion of an Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Lease options are available.Joulebox dimensions pic