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Microgrids & Energy Storage Systems

A microgid is a self contained energy system utilizing a variety of renewable energy sources- wind, solar, geothermal, and energy storage, that allows the user to be completely free from electrical energy cost spikes, commonly caused by “real time pricing”  in peak usage periods. The method of using stored energy during peak load periods is called “energy shaving” because it “shaves” the high cost from your energy bills.

Energy storage systems are the hottest product in the renewable energy industry. It will completely redefine how we all look at energy over the coming years. Advancements in batteries and distributed energy systems are now making even the utility companies look at energy storage as a  way to manage the grid on days when they must purchase power from outside sources. Did you know that your electric rates are artificially inflated for those days when your local utility has to purchase extra power to meet peak demands? So you are paying a higher price for their inability to scale production to demand. Energy storage and distributed energy will solve that problem.

Whether you are looking to be completely off grid, or utilize various renewable energy sources to offset periods of high energy prices, Advanced Alternative Energy can design a system for you that will be cost effective and efficient. With all the incentive programs available, the cost can be surprisingly low. Call us for more information.Rooftop solar and wind pic


2015 UGE microgrid brochure

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